Favicon de Montessori en Vitoria-Gasteiz para niños y niñas de todas las edades en Pais Vasco

Our educational project, which is entirely based on the Montessori pedagogy, is oriented to create a change and to provide something to society through a learning system that is away from memorizing and encourages creativity.

We work with the Montessori pedagogy in all of its essence, following the principles of a whole classroom, mixing ages, diversity, answering the interests of the child in a scientific way, and with trained staff who have Montessori experience. Outdoor space is also important, it is necessary to develop and grow with autonomy, self-esteem, and movement.

The entire Montessori Vitoria-Gasteiz team has educational training through the Association Montessori Internationale, of which we are members. We are also members of Asociación Montessori Española.

In Montessori Vitoria-Gasteiz we always work as a pedagogical pair with the presence of two languages, Basque and English, during the entire school day. The child listens to both languages in a natural, fluent way, enjoying English and learning in an active, oral, and fun way.

Starting in the 3 to 6 years of age class, all subjects are explained in Basque and English. At times Spanish is also used to explain the concepts and scientific vocabulary in the areas of language and mathematics (parts of the plant, parts of a tree, types of rocks, grammar, geography, flags, geometry…). All these materials are given in the three languages mentioned above. Languages are worked into daily practice in a practical way and in an environment where students feel comfortable and confident.

Education is not what the teacher gives, but a natural process that each child develops. In this way, amazing results are acquired, since the child does not learn by memorizing. Instead, the child knows why things happen, how things are made, and he/she creates new ways of learning.



Our faculty, which has wide educational experience, trained in the Montessori Pedagogy by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), is trained to observe and know each period in the child´s development. This includes how the child learns and how to trust him/her in order to intervene only when necessary.

The relationship of the teacher-guide with the children achieves the safe environment that the brain needs to get in order to learn, to ask withouth being afraid, for his/her rythm to be respected, and to be able to express freely.

In the Montessori Pedagogy the teacher-guide, the student, and the environment form a learning triangle.

The guide prepares the classroom in order to encourage independence, freedom within limits, and a sense of order. The student uses what the environment offers to him/her to develop it by himself/herself, interacting with the teacher when he/she needs any help or advice.




Children’s House 6 months to 1 year, Infant Community 1-3 years , Children’s house 3-6 years, Elementary 6-12 years.

We are starting with Elementary and one days wish to be able to offer the complete educational process, following the principles of Maria Montessori.

We want to offer the entire educational cycle by age-groups. In each course there will be children within the mentioned age groups. As a result, the little ones learn from the bigger ones and the big ones feel useful because they are able to share their knowledge with their younger peers.

Our objective is to create a 100% Montessori school with environments and materials for each cycle of learning.



Sometimes the results are clearly evident, children develop because they love the environment and the methodology.  Those who have lived the Montessori experience remember those years with nostalgia and gratitude for having had such a happy learning experience.

We have private conversations with the parents  and the guides or the staff in charge of each child. We also have personal interviews as well as group meetings in order for all the families to be present and a part of our project. They share opinions, we clear up any doubts that they might have, and receive ideas to enrich our project.